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Installing RetroPie on Raspberry Pi OS

Hi, have your heard about RetroPie? The most famous emulation software os Raspberry Pi. Today, I will tell you, how can you install on Raspberry Pi OS.

To follow this tutorial instructions, you will need a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS. You can get the instructions how to install here.


Installing RetroPie

To install RetroPie, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Run the command sudo update-locale LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"
  2. Install the needed packages for the RetroPie sudo apt-get install git lsb-release -y
  3. Let clone RetroPie-Setup repository cd ~/ && git clone --depth=1
  4. Lets enter on the download repository folder cd RetroPie-Setup
  5. Let’s give permission of execution on the file chmod +x
  6. Lets run the command to initialize RetroPie installation sudo ./ and select the option Basic Install and press Enter
  7. Choose Yes
  8. The installation will begin. This may take a while.
  9. When it finish, move the cursor selection to the right and press Enter on option Exit

RetroPie now is installed. To start RetroPie, run the command emulationstation

Add ROMs on RetroPie

RetroPie on the first running will have no emulator options. To add new options, just add your ROMs on the respective folders on the path /home/pi/RetroPie/roms.

RetroPie ROMs Folder

Start RetroPie on boot (Optional)

If you want to start RetroPie on boot, just follow the steps on the Raspberry Pi OS terminal:

  1. Run RetroPie installation menu cd ~/RetroPie-Setup && sudo ./ and choose the option Configuration / tools
  2. Select autostart option
  3. Select Start Emulation Station at boot

Using PS4 on RetroPie controller without USB Cable (Optional)

RetroPie works with all kind of USB Joystick controllers, but if you have a Playstation 4 controller, you can use in wireless mode. Follow the steps bellow to configure:

  1. On you Raspberry Pi terminal, run RetroPie installation menu using the commands cd ~/RetroPie-Setup and sudo ./ and choose the option Configuration / tools
  2. Choose option Bluetooth – Configure Bluetooth Devices and press Enter
  3. Enter you PS4 controller on paring mode holding the Share Button + PS Button for 3 seconds
  4. Choose option Register and Connect to Bluetooth Device
  5. Wait to Raspberry Pi find the PS4 controller
  6. Choose the PS4 controller
    • Look that the list does not show the device name. Turn off all bluetooth devices to show only PS4 controller.
  7. Choose the option DisplayYesNo

Uninstall RetroPie

If in the future you want to uninstall RetroPie, you can do it just selecting the option Uninstall RetroPie in the main menu

  1. On you Raspberry Pi terminal, run RetroPie installation menu using the commands cd ~/RetroPie-Setup and sudo ./ and choose the option Uninstall RetroPie
Uninstall option on RetroPie

Thats it! Now you can play your retro games with you PS4 controller without any cable. Bye!

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3 years ago

Very nice and clear tuto. I’m gonna try and leave you my feedback.

Jax from Brussels

3 years ago

This is really nice! Your instructions were so easy to follow! I am very new at this and I now have the emulator installed!Thank you!

1 year ago

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