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Installing Raspberry OS on Raspberry Pi 👨🏽‍💻

In these tutorial, I will show you how can you install Raspberry Pi OS on Raspberry Pi board.

First of all, we will need to download the Raspberry Pi Imager, to flash the SD card with the OS image. The software is available to all operacional systems.

Flash SD card using Raspberry Pi Imager

  1. Start the Raspberry Pi Imager and click on CHOOSE OS
  2. Select “Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit)”
    • This image comes with desktop interface, but without recommended softwares like Libre Office. I recommended because the image is soft and all softwares can be installed after the OS installation.
  3. Click on CHOOSE SD CARD
  4. Choose your SD Card adapter
  5. Click on WRITE
  6. Wait the process finish
  7. Remove the SD and plug on Raspberry Pi

Configure Raspberry Pi OS

With the SD card plugged on Raspberry Pi, turn it on. The Raspberry Pi OS will start to be configured.

All configuration screens

In the first configuration step, set your Country, Language, and Timezone, then click Next.

Enter a new password for your Raspberry Pi and click Next.

Connect to your WiFi network by selecting its name, entering the password, and clicking Next.

Note: if your Raspberry Pi model doesn’t have wireless connectivity, you won’t see this screen

Click Next let the wizard check for updates to Raspberry OS and install them (this might take a little while).

After all steps before, the Raspberry Pi OS will show the Setup Done dialog. Click on Restart

After the system restarts, you will have the Raspberry Pi OS desktop environment configured.

Official tutorial page:

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Robson Lages de Andrade
Robson Lages de Andrade
3 years ago

pra quem não tem dispositivo em casa, uma boa opção é o app pro android que utiliza a conexão bluetooth do raspberry e conecta com o seu celular e transforma o celular em mouse e teclado: “Teclado e Mouse Bluetooth sem servidor” do AppGround IO

Robson Lages de Andrade
Robson Lages de Andrade
3 years ago

E utilizem este app para ter um teclado virtual:

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